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Tools for game creators
Maya LT™ 3D game development software includes intuitive animation, rigging, modeling, and lighting features for indie game creators to work faster and without creative limits.

3D modeling tools
Sophisticated 3D modeling tools help you create realistic-looking characters, props, and environments. 

Use Civil 3D with other Autodesk software.

Revamped UV editor
The UV toolkit offers artist-friendly tools and functionality for quicker UV creation and editing. 

Shaders and materials
Create high-quality materials with intuitive tools, or work with Allegorithmic Substance materials in Maya LT.

Built-in sculpting tools
Brush-based sculpting tools let artists perform high-level sculpting on their models without having to export to a different tool.

Lighting and texture baking
Simulate realistic game lighting. Use global illumination tools to bake lighting data into texture or vertex maps.

LOD tools for game model efficiency
Optimize content for mobile devices with polygon reduction, data cleanup, blind data tagging, and level-of-detail tools.

Modeling improvements
Quad draw, multi-cut, bevel, and symmetry enhancements make modeling more efficient.

Physically based shader materials
Use ShaderFX to create high-quality physically based shader materials within Maya LT.

3D animation tools
Animate and rig characters and objects for your game. 

Rigging tools
Build a control structure for your characters with automated rigging tools.

Shape editor
The shape authoring tools give you more control to create, tweak, and correct animations in a detailed way.


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