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What's New in 2021

Network License Manager
Note: It is important that you review the corporate installation documents before you install this product. Autodesk 2021 products include NLM version; all network license servers working with 2021 products must also run NLM version The 2021 clients cannot get licenses from a server running NLM 11.13 or lower. However, older versions of Autodesk products will still work on NLM
Read the Installation Administrator's Guide to obtain all the information you need to install and configure the Network License Manager.

Note: The network license manager is installed into the directory C:\Autodesk. During installation, the default path is written as C:\Program File\Autodesk, but the network license manager is always installed into the C:\Autodesk directory, even if you change the default location.
Simulation Compute Manager
Moldflow 2021 ships with Simulation Compute Manager (SCM) which automatically installs with your Moldflow product. The SCM has only one instance per system regardless of how many separate users are on that system.

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