PNY XLR8 DDR5 16 GB BUS 6000MHz MAKO Low profile


SKU : MD16GSD5600036MXR

หมวดหมู่ : PNY


Low profile design, ideal for PC enthusiasts and gamers in systems with limited space
Backwards compatible with lower frequencies: 5600MHz, 5200MHz, 4800MHz
Supports on-die ECC debugging of self-healing DRAM cells for greater stability
CAS Latency of 36/ 38, 1.3 Volts
Intel XMP 3.0 Support


Memory Type : DDR5 Unbuffered DIMM
Channel Type : Single Channel
Form Factor : DIMM (Desktop)
Capacity 16GB
Frequency Speed : 6000MHz (PC5-48000)
CAS Latency :CL36/ CL38
Voltage : 1.3V
Buffered/ Registered : UnBuffered
XMP Support : XMP 3.0
Speed Compatibility : 4800MHz-6000MHz
Module Dimension : 133.4x 34.8 mm
Retail Pack Dimension : 286x 170x 112mm
Warranty : Lifetime Limited Warrnty

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