PNY XLR8 RGB DDR4 Silver 16GB BUS 3600MHz


SKU : MD16GK2D4360018XSRGB

หมวดหมู่ : PNY


XLR8 Gaming EPIC-X RGB™ Silver DDR4 Memory is designed for gamers and enthusiasts and offers a brilliant RGB design combined with extreme overclocked performance, taking your PC to the extreme. Not only you destroy the competition on the outside, also have good looks on the inside. PNY has your back with its elite DDR4 RGB Silver 3600MHz CL18 desktop memory upgrade. Our most advanced RGB with aluminum heat spreaders of brushed silver and simplistic design.


Memory Type - Desktop DDR4
Channel Type - Dual Channel
Form Factor - DIMM (Desktop)
Capacity - 16GB (2x8GB)
Frequency Speed - 3600MHz
CAS Latency - CL18
Timing - 18-20-20
tRas - 40
Voltage - 1.35V
ECC - No
Buffered/ Registered - Unbuffered
XMP Support - Yes
Speed Compatibility - 2133MHz-3600MHz
Module Dimension - 133 x 43 x 8mm
Retail Pack Dimension
2x8G: 167 x 128 x19mm
1x8G: 167 x 72 x19mm
OS Compatibility - Windows 11 and older versions
Warranty - Limited Lifetime

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