EZDIY-FAB ARGB Stand Graphics Card Holder-Knot Type-Black



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EZDIY-FAB ARGB Stand Graphics Card Holder-Knot Type-Black

*ARGB LED Module for customizable colors.
*Compact, lightweight graphics card brace design.
*Sturdy aluminum alloy material for long-term use.
*Adjustable height for different cards and cases, 67mm/2.63in-106mm/4.17in.
*Hidden magnet design for easy and secure installation.


Updated design Graphics card brace with compact size, light weight, doesn't take up spaces..
Aluminum alloy material, sturdy and not deformed, can be used for a long time or repeatedly.
Easy installation, no damage to the graphics card, height can be adjusted according to the size of different graphics cards and PC case(67mm/2.63in-106mm/4.17in adjustable).
With hidden magnet design on bottom, it not only lets user install it easily but also stand firmly inside the case.
Featuring with 5V 3pin ARGB LED lights, Control and change the colors by connecting to Motherboard or by other ARGB controller.

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