EZDIY-FAB ARGB Graphics Card Holder 341- White


SKU : YIHPI341-1

หมวดหมู่ : EZYDIY


EZDIY-FAB ARGB Graphics Card Holder 341- White

*ARGB LED Module for customizable colors.
*Stretchable design with expandable space for different width GPU.
*Double bracket feet for superior stability from upside to downside.
*Durable all-metal bracket structure.
*Universally compatible with various graphics cards and ATX PC cases.

The Slide Type Support Structure is a flexible mechanism that can support GPUs of different lengths (174-280 mm), providing secure installation and adaptability.
Features a stretchable design that provides up to 30mm of expandable space, allowing it to accommodate graphics cards of varying sizes with ease. Its expandable nature enables it to adjust both inward and outward to securely hold the graphics card in place.
Double bracket feet to provide superior stability for your graphics card, with added flexibility to install the each feet separately or together for greater compatibility with a range of GPU configurations.
Experience durable and stable support with our all-metal bracket structure, complemented by a sleek anodized sandblasted aluminum panel for a stylish and sophisticated look.
Synchronizable ARGB lighting via motherboard: Built with the advanced ARGB lighting system,support 5V 3PIN ARGB motherboard synchronization, multiple rgb modes can be switched,makes your computer case colorful.* *Please never connect it to 4pin 12VRGB.

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