EZYDIY EZDPI189-27 12VHPWR 180° Turn Thin Alu Adapter RVS-White


SKU : EZDPI189-27

หมวดหมู่ : EZYDIY


Colors : BLACK
Product Size : 28.2*32.2*22.6
Compatibility : RTX40'series
Rated Current : MAX 50A
Rated Voltage : DC12V
Warranty : 1 Year
  • * Featuring a slim aluminum casing version, it optimizes cable placement within limited spaces like ITX cases while ensuring effective internal ventilation. Please refer to the compatibility list before purchasing.

    * The corner adapter is designed with a 4-layer PCB to achieve angled connections without the need for any wire bending. This ensures full contact with all cable terminals and eliminates the risk of heat issues that may arise due to tightly bent cables in compact spaces.

    * This is a perfect solution for users who encounter oversized power cables for RTX 40 series graphics cards, causing the cables to protrude too much from the case and hindering the closure of the side panel; please check if the distance between the side panel and the graphics card exceeds 16.3 millimeters/0.64 inches.

    * The connectors are made of high-quality alloy copper to ensure excellent conductivity and stability. This guarantees a reliable and stable connection even under long-term high-load output.

    * A peak current of 600W is supported by an aluminum heatsink, ensuring both performance stability and excellent heat dissipation.
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