EZYDIY EZDPI154-1 18AWG PSU Cable Extension 6 Cables-Super Soft-Black


SKU : EZDPI154-1

หมวดหมู่ : EZYDIY


• 1x 24-pin ATX Extension Cable
• 2x 8-pin to (4+4)pin EPS Cable
• 3x 8-pin to (6+2)pin PCI-e Cable
• Cable combs included
• Color : Black


The latest Nylon Braid design, soft, and easy to organize with vivid braided cables for refined professional builds.
High specification 18 AWG cables easily handle your ultra high power modular power supply, long-term stability and superior performance are the foundation for protecting your computer.
The new individually sleeved cables are heat-shrink free to ensure high-quality cable assembly and support for high currents in order to achieve superior performance and stability.
2x 8-Pin to 6+2-Pin GPU power cables bundled in one package. Suitable for both 6-Pin or 8-Pin GPU configurations. Also includes 24-Pin motherboard power and 4+4-Pin CPU power cables.
6 PACK : 1x 24-pin ATX Extension Cable; 2x 8-pin to (4+4)pin EPS Cable; 3x 8-pin to (6+2)pin PCI-e Cable; cable combs included.

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